Hating Or Loving Life?

Raise your hand if your life is going as planned. Anyone? If I’ve learned anything from having depression, writing this blog, it’s that things don’t go as planned. Life is screwed up! It’s unpredictable for all of us. I think half of our suffering comes from our expectations that things were supposed to be better … More Hating Or Loving Life?

Fashion coma

Hi Everyone, Today i am going to educate u regarding this sickness FASHION COMA, well give me a chance to share my experience of experiencing this ailment. Well i recollect was the most timid young lady of my school, I was in 8th standard and i adored the way i was basic and calm however … More Fashion coma

The glamorous girl

hello world..! This web journal will be exceptionally valuable for girls\women. Here i am a craftsman (painter&calligrapher) , an article author , a style monstrosity , a wellness monstrosity , a cosmetics sweetheart 🙂 well i am additionally going to share my encounters & my kindred’s encounters ,their confessions and my confessions and all sort … More The glamorous girl